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•    tgmath.h is a Standard C header that defines many type-generic macros that can be used for a variety of mathematical operations. This header also includes math.h and complex.h. For all of the functions in the math.h and complex.h headers that do not have an f (float) or l (long double) suffix, and whose corresponding type is double (with the exception of modf()), there is a corresponding macro.

  Functions from math.h

Name    Description

acos    inverse cosine

asin    inverse sine

atan    one-parameter inverse tangent

atan2    two-parameter inverse tangent

ceil    ceiling, the smallest integer not less than parameter

cos    cosine

cosh    hyperbolic cosine

exp    exponential function

fabs    absolute value (of a floating-point number)

floor    floor, the largest integer not greater than parameter

fmod    floating-point remainder

frexp    break floating-point number down into mantissa and exponent

ldexp    scale floating-point number by exponent (see article)

log    natural logarithm

log10    base-10 logarithm

modf(x,p)    returns fractional part of x and stores integral part where pointer p points to

pow(x,y)    raise x to the power of y, xy

sin    sine

sinh    hyperbolic sine

sqrt    square root

tan    tangent

tanh    hyperbolic tangent

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