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Complex.h is a header file in the standard library of the C programming language that defines functionality for complex arithmetic. These functions use the built-in type complex which was introduced with the C99 revision of C.
double   cabs(double complex);             Absolute value

double complex cacos(double complex);     Complex inverse cosine

double complex cacosh(double complex);     Complex inverse hyperbolic cosine

double       carg(double complex);               Complex argument

double complex casin(double complex);    Complex inverse sine

double complex casinh(double complex);    Complex inverse hyperbolic sine

double complex catan(double complex);    Complex inverse tangent

double complex catanh(double complex);    Complex inverse hyperbolic tangent

double complex ccos(double complex);    Complex cosine

double complex ccosh(double complex);    Complex hyperbolic cosine

double complex cexp(double complex);    Complex exponential

double         cimag(double complex);    Imaginary part of complex number

double complex clog(double complex);    Complex logarithm

double complex conj(double complex);    Complex conjugate

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