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Summary of Operators and Precedence
The highest priority operators are listed first.
 Operator       Operation                       Evaluated.

  ()            parentheses                   left to right
  []            square brackets               left to right

  ++            increment                     right to left
  --            decrement                     right to left
(type)          cast operator                 right to left
  *             the contents of               right to left
  &             the address of                right to left
  -             unary minus                   right to left
  ~             one's complement              right to left
  !             logical NOT                   right to left

  *             multiply                      left to right
  /             divide                        left to right
  %             remainder (MOD)               left to right

  +             add                           left to right
  -             subtract                      left to right

  >>            shift right                   left to right
  <<            shift left                    left to right

  >             is greater than               left to right
  >=            greater than or equal to      left to right
  <=            less than or equal to         left to right
  <             less than                     left to right

  ==            is equal to                   left to right
  !=            is not equal to               left to right

  &             bitwise AND                   left to right
  ^             bitwise exclusive OR          left to right
  |             bitwise inclusive OR          left to right
  &&            logical AND                   left to right
  ||            logical OR                    left to right

  =             assign                        right to left
  +=            add assign                    right to left
  -=            subtract assign               right to left
  *=            multiply assign               right to left
  /=            divide assign                 right to left
  %=            remainder assign              right to left
  >>=           right shift assign            right to left
  <<=           left shift assign             right to left
  &=            AND assign                    right to left
  ^=            exclusive OR assign           right to left
  |=            inclusive OR assign           right to left

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