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HTML element

HTML Elements
In the character enclosed within is basically as element.The element tree can be shown below

  • In all HTML document the root element is <html>which has two children head and body .Any text contained does not appear in client area of web browser.
  • The head element is used for providing certain information to web browser.

  • The <title>element is used to give title to the web page.
  • The <body> element contains the information which is to be displayed in the client area of web browser.
  • HTML Introduction

    HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML).This is basically a scripting language.HTML is a SGML(Standard General Markup Language)
    HTML Introduction

  • As we know HTML stands Hyper Text Markup Language.Hyper text is simply a piece of text that works as a link

  • Markup Language is language of writing layout information within document. 

  • <html>
    <title>My HTML</title>