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adding comment in c

Comments are added to make a program more readable to you but the compiler must ignore the
  • The slash star combination is used in C for comment delimiters.
  • They are illustrated in the program at hand.
  • Please note that the program does not illustrate good commenting practice, but is intended to illustrate where comments can go in a program. It is a very sloppy looking program.  
  • The first slash star combination introduces the first comment and the star at the end of the first line terminates this comment.
  • Note that this comment is prior to the beginning of the program illustrating that a comment can precede the program itself.
  • Good programming practice would include a comment prior to the program with a short introductory description of the program.
  • The next comment is after the "main( )" program entry point and prior to the opening brace for
    the program code itself.

/* This is a comment ignored by the compiler */
main( )
 /* This is another comment ignored by the compiler */
printf("We are looking at how comments are ");
/* A comment is
allowed to be continued on another line */
/* One more comment for effect */

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