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A structure is a package of one or usually more variables which are grouped under a single name. Structures are not like arrays: a structure can hold any mixture of different types of data: it can even hold arrays of different types. A structure can be as simple or as complex as the programmer desires.
The word struct is a reserved word in C and it represents a new data type, called an aggregate type. It is not any single type: the purpose of structures is to offer a tool for making whatever shape or form of variable package that a programmer wishes. Any particular structure type is given a name, called a structure-name and the variables (called members) within a structure type are also given names. Finally, every variable which is declared to be a particular structure type has a name of its own too. This plethora of names is not really as complicated as it sounds.

  • Scope
  • Declarations
  • Static Structures
  • Structure and Union
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