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seo interview questions

1 ) What is Search Engines ?

 Search Engine are Key of Finding Specific Information on the vast expanse of the World Wide Web

2 ) How to achieve Google Page Rank ? 

 Google Page Rank Largely Dependent on Links so more the Backlinks you have the more is your page rank it also affected by the rank of page linked to you.
One other thing that you should consider is that the older your website is, the more trusted and favorable it is to Google. A website with plenty of pages, a lot of incoming links, and also plenty of internal links to other pages within your website–all these are well regarded by Google.

3 ) What are Meta Tags .

They are keywords that are Hidden in the Code of your Page. Search Engine can see and Viewed them but generally your visitor can’t.

4 ) What is Value of Title Tags used in Website ?

Title is Vital to your SEO Efforts. Each Page need to have a Unique Title that accurately describe the content containing in that pages.
Reason : Page title is important because this is what will be displayed in the result section of search

 5 ) What is Site Map ?

 Search Engines need a Site Map to Index your site properly. This will them what content you have and How you organized that content. By using site map you make your site more search engine friendly and increasing the chance of frequent indexing.

6 ) Why we use Robots.txt File ?

Robots file is used when you have duplicate content that you don’t want to be indexed, or you want to create a no follow rule for specific areas of your Websites, you need one of these files

7 ) How Keywords are Choose for Optimization ?

The Success of Choosing Keywords is to pick the Keywords that are Popular, related to your content and effective. Avoid the practice of overusing or over stuffing your keywords. Stick to density of 3-4% per page on your top keywords for the best effect.

8 ) What is Black Hat SEO ?

 Race Among websites to attain High Ranking has brought about a Number of methods and technique used to achieve this goals. These Methods can be characterized into two Groups depend on there acceptability to search engines.

White Hat SEO – SEO Methods that conform to search engine Guidelines are White Hat

Black Hat SEO – SEO Methods those are viewed as less acceptable are called Black Hat

9 ) What is Cloaking ?

Cloaking involves having two separated pages one to show to google bot and other to show to your sites visitors

10 ) What is Blog Flipping ?

Practice of selling Blog to other one after it attains popularity and traffic.

11) What is PPC 

PPC method of Online Advertisement where you pay per click when visitor type your ad displayed on search engine

12)What is bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits from user.

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