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Using Prepared Statements

Sometimes it is more convenient or more efficient to use a PreparedStatement object for
sending SQL statements to the database. This special type of statement is derived from
the more general class, Statement, that you already know.

When to Use a PreparedStatement Object:
  • If you want to execute a Statement object many times, it will normally reduce execution
    time to use a PreparedStatement object instead.
  • The main feature of a PreparedStatement object is that, unlike a Statement object, it is given an SQL statement when it is created.
  • The advantage to this is that in most cases, this SQL statement will be sent to the DBMS right away, where it will be compiled.
  • As a result, the PreparedStatement object contains not just an SQL statement, but an SQL statement that has been precompiled.
  • This means that when the PreparedStatement is executed, the DBMS can just run the PreparedStatement 's SQL statement without having to compile it first.
  • Although PreparedStatement objects can be used for SQL statements with no parameters, you will probably use them most often for SQL statements that take parameters.
  • The advantage of using SQL statements that take parameters is that you can use the same
    statement and supply it with different values each time you execute it.
    Creating a PreparedStatement Object :
    As with Statement objects, you create PreparedStatement objects with a Connection method. Using our open connection con from previous examples, you might write code such as the following to create a PreparedStatement object that takes two input parameters: 
    PreparedStatement updateSales = con.prepareStatement( "UPDATE COFFEES SET SALES = ? WHERE COF_NAME LIKE ?"); 
     The variable updateSales now contains the SQL statement,
    which has also, in most cases, been sent to the DBMS and been precompiled 
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